Wednesday, February 17, 2016

GIRL POWER! Another wonderful day at Wichita, Mission Church

 Some of you have read stories like this one about the "pastor" for those that have not here is the why I write in this manner...The pastor is based on events that happen to me in real life, mostly at the Wichita Mission Church, writing in this manner help's protect identities and I find it easier to express my self....'

In His Perfect Peace, Pastor Dan

Matthew 25:40
And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

GIRL POWER! Another wonderful day at
 Wichita, Mission Church
Tuesday the pastor arrived at the Mission Church late as he had errands to run but his wife was already there opened with the help of  volunteers…


The place seem full of chatter coming from the area where the clothing closet and phone is. The First thing noticed was the baby on the bench church seat in the hall.


Then he saw the mother a girl now young lady around 24 whom he has known since she was 16…she was so glad to see him as with many she called him dad in fact she stated he had been her dad since 16 in conversation with the other young ladies that seemed to be crowding the Mission Church this day!


Wow where does time go he as he sat on the bench looking at the very cute baby, but are they not all cute?


He asked is she a good baby? The Young lady promptly with a serious look on her face said “ Yes” sort of hesitant “ but if you disturb her when she is sleeping, SHE is not havin it” saying with a hand movement like she was cutting air, “ If you take her pacifier, SHE’S not havin it” Well this list went on with the pastor laughing inside for a minute.


The Young lady is doing well, 4 year’s sober after so much had happened to her because of being thrown to the street by parents when she was 16. Drugs, prostitution, babies, failed marriage (in which she at one point had to defend her self with a knife) and so much more… but yes she finally met Yeshua and he helped her straiten things out, with this child was with the ex that is done and over with, in fact….she has just gotten custody of her 4 year old back!


She is helping another young lady get straight after a long addition, which of course had to tell the Pastor all about it “Pastor I am sober and have real hope!” Great he said as they hugged, everyone seems to want a hug thought the pastor….


In fact in the kitchen was two more young ladies helping his wife and yes one is PG about to have her baby real soon like the next week…which reminded the pastor that he had to print out a durable power of attorney for her so if something goes wrong the pastor can make sure her wishes are met as far as medical and for her previous children…


That can be a very hard thing as the pastor flashes back to having to tell doctors to stop all life saving treatment or bury a brother whose family has disowned him, so very hard but someone has to be there don’t they he thinks as he mourns…


Then yet another girl or young lady come up and wants to donate $2 it has to be the last money she has but she is thankful for the help she received that day, food and clothing…She was told by another homeless person to come seek out the pastor as she was fighting a drug battle..


Taking her into the office for a talk much was reveled and there was a place of hope for her to go to, which in this case was a miracle because seldom are there openings for women…out of the office after an elder of the Mission Church and the anointing oil..


After prayer he take’s her to a safe place…what a day seems like nothing but girls, real girl power the pastor chuckles to himself….


After a great meal made by the pastor’s wife it was time for clean-up…and like clock-work in comes a man who is not homeless but very poor who just told the pastor how he comes for fellowship and does not need food, but he is so thankful he comes to help clean-up…


What a day, praise the Father for His son Yeshua and be allowed to serve…the pastor thinks wow so many people just do not understand that helping the poor is so well wonderful, he could have went other ways with the ministry but this is the path the Father chose for him…and his family of course, wow how lucky to be allowed to serve the Father by serving others, being among the poor and sinners as Yeshua walked…
Lift us in Prayer, Help if you can,
Pastor Dan
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He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the LORD; and that which he hath given will he pay him again.
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