Wednesday, February 19, 2020

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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

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Should not have died..a Mission Update

My Wife (Linda) making eggs for sandwiches..

She plans a broccoli chicken casserole for the 4:30 PM meal


Today I am greatly grieved over the fact that a homeless fellow we have know for almost 20 years was beaten to death under a bridge…I am hearing reports that it could have been teenagers who go around beating up the homeless for sport or fund whatever….this is an ongoing thing as long as I can remember young people in this city has been doing this. They are also raiding homeless camps tearing up things and not taken anything from what I hear but just terrorizing …what is wrong with these children oh I know lack of parent intervention I would suppose..


There is a place here a ministry that care for the poor and get's too many food donations…one of the guys who cook for them used to come here and eat egg sandwiches, his boss told them to find a place to get rid of their excess so he has been bringing it here…we get huge amounts of fresh or almost fresh vegetables and other odd and ends, sometime even meat! It has been a real blessing as we are so tight on donations…October, November and December was good this year, but when Jan. hit only the regular donations are coming in so it's just not enough to cover everything…we generally do not pull out of this till income tax time….


With tax time coming we need to get out a mail out newsletter to some supporters quick! I am out of ink for the printer and need postage around $250…

We are still functioning people are very blessed in fact we have been feed many families bread, vegetables, and other things that come in the donation I was speaking of so a larger amount of people are blessed..the clothing closet is empty and I am out of cold medications…we badly need them..


I am writing a book and have away to publish it should bring in funds for the Mission Church, I have been trying to write on my main computer but it's hard with everything coming in that needs attention… I had someone say they had a laptop to donate but they said they had to locate it…which was weeks ago…


But we are here blessing the people..


Lift us in prayer, help if you can!


In His Perfect Peace,

Pastor Dan Catlin


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